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General Services Administration

Recent studies pertaining to the General Services Administration, undertaken by the National Academy of Public Administration

February, 2009


The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) leverages the buying power of the Federal Government to acquire best value for taxpayers and federal customers. GSA delivers superior workplaces, quality acquisition services, and expert business solutions. They develop innovative and effective management policies.

GSA’s strategic goals include:

  • Stewardship: Lead federal agencies in the economical and efficient management of federal assets by spearheading effective policy development and by the exemplary management of the buildings/workplaces, motor vehicles, and personal property provided by GSA.
  • Superior Workplaces:  Deliver and maintain productive workplaces consisting of office space, furnishings, technology supplies, and related services.
  • Best Value: Develop and deliver timely, accurate, and cost-effective acquisition services and business solutions.
  • Innovation:  Develop new and better ways of conducting business that result in more productive and effective federal policies and administrative operations.
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General Services Administration, Administrator